I’m a software engineer that builds big data analytics platforms.  I live in Toronto now, but just spent two years in Seattle working for Amazon.  Here’s a bit more about me.


  • Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto
  • Master’s in Statistics from the University of Toronto


  • I currently work for the Zynga Toronto office, developing their next generation analytics platform.
  • I worked for Amazon in Seattle on the Customer Marketing Analytics team. It was a lot of fun working with the largest online retail data set in the world for customer targeting and predicting the value of customer actions.
  • Worked for Vennsa, a start up spun off from a University of Toronto algorithms research group.  We did cool stuff with NP-Complete SAT solvers that automatically debugged failing digital hardware designs.


  • Hockey Team: Maple Leafs
  • Beer: Rogue Hazelnut Brown
  • Coffee: Caffe Vita Theo Blend


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